History of Blackwood Hodge

Since being founded in 1949, BLACKWOOD HODGE has been supporting Kenya's ongoing infrastructural development by providing its customers with a selected range of the world's finest equipment, backed by outstanding product support, services and solutions.

Blackwood Hodge is part of the Zahid Group

FG Wilson Diesel Generators
at Blackwood Hodge

Since 1949 Blackwood Hodge has been one of the leading generator specialists in Kenya and Uganda. We also have the support of FG Wilson, a main global generator set manufacturer with more than 50 years experience in the power industry.

Blackwood Hodge are experts in every aspect of your FG Wilson generator set purchase. Our generator set specialists will identify the right generator for your application needs.

From installation and commissioning of the generator set to parts delivery, support and maintenance, you can depend on Blackwood Hodge for the power you need - when you need it.

Reliable power for over 70 Years

Spare Parts & Service

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